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  1. Main Line Judo News

  2. East Coast College Championships

    This promises to a great event for spectators and competitors alike. In the old days, well, my old days, the Ishikawa Judo club us to do home and away against West Point. It was always spirited competition

    Our goal is take as many three person female teams and five person male teams as we can from our affiliated college programs

    Please note competitors dinner afterwards

    Updates to follow

    July 8, 2009

    Main Line Judo at the Pennsylvania States

    Main Line Judo at Bryn Mawr had students spread throughout the younger brackets, the teen brackets and the adults including a boatload of contestants from the Drexel University Judo program, affiliated to ours

    Victor Fink had one first and one third. Jenna, Asish and Samir placed second. Cody and Ace placed first , kinda having a field day with throws thoughout their matches. Ace’s two sutemi waza were amazing throws

    Also, Stephen Patton placed first

    Matthew placed second n the Masters

    Congratulations should go to Thomas, Ronin and Luke for a wonderful showing in their divisions

    Main Line Judo at Phoenixville enjoyed these great results

    Lewis Cooper 1st
    Rob Young 2nd
    Charles Hurd 2nd
    Liam Hurd 2nd
    Patrick Sheridan 2nd

    Next up. the Liberty Bell over the first weekend of Arpil

    March 16, 2009

    First Friday in March

    The villages of Ardmore and Bryn Mawr, as they prefer to style themselves for branding purposes, offer on every first Friday of each month a night of open stores, food, entertainment and a trolley to move guests from one venue and one village to the next.

    I know Judo to be entertainng and educational and we would like the entire villages of Bryn Mawr and Ardmore to reach this same comclusion. There will be an Open Randori session on Friday the 6th of March at 7:30 pm.

    If anyone has any judokas from other clubs they would like to invite please do so.I Spectators welcome during and apres-Judo for our usual social hour

    This should be good preparation for the upcoming contests in March and April


    February 13, 2009

    A Trinity of Contests in Pennsylvania

    Beginning with the Pennsylvania State Championship which will be held at the Jack Barrack School on Bryn Mawr Ave in Bryn Mawr on March 14th and ending wih the Liberty Bell in Northeast Philly on the weekend of April 4th and 5th there is a third event sandwiched in. It is the Scholastic Nationals open to all juniors and which includes a college division. It is the weekend of March 28th and 29th in York (Pa)

    These three events coming together as they have and being right here in Pa is an amazing opportunity to experience wonderful events and improve our Judo

    We think all of our students should go to each of these events. Our staff will be there. And as we have done in the past when there is a large event looming we will expand the focus of our Judo sessions to prepare our students as intensely as the students can handle for these events

    Four our younger judokas we have three sessions - Monday and Wednesday from 7 to 8 and Sundays 3 to 4. For teens and adults including the members of the Drexel and Penn clubs we strongly recommend that you add Sundays at Main Line Judo in Bryn Mawr to your training regimen.

    We will be training very hard for these events at the Sunday practices

    We look forward to a great 9 weeks of Judo culminating in the Liberty Bell.

    January 30, 2009

    Main Line Judo’s NEW HOME

    Opening on January 11th, 2009 Main Line Judo will bring in the New Year with a wonderful new home in Bryn Mawr. The address is 1020 West Lancaster and the space, well, it is something to be excited about. There will be more space, more finished facilities and there will be a retail martial arts and fitness store there as well.

    Main Line Judo will even be upgrading its mat surface. Resting on our patented sprung floor will be the latest in training tatami; joining the same level of comfort we currently enjoy to a faster mat and more dynamic surface.

    Keep a look out on this site for pictures of our new dojo

    January 3, 2009

    Conor Driscoll Retuns to Philly with a Clinic

    Connor Driscoll returns to Philly where he attended college for a clinic on Sunday, November 16th at 4pm. The clinic wil be held at the Armory at Drexel University and is open to all adult students of MLJ, Drexel Judo and Penn Judo.
    Conor trains at San Jose State Judo Club and was a competitor of the 2008 Olympic judo trials
    Please come and train, and if not, you are welcome to at least come and watch what elite Judo looks like.
    Please RSVP to …. thanks
  3. October 27, 2008

    Annapolis Tournament

    Main Line Judo brought two teams to the Naval Academy team matches this past Saturday, the 4th of October. The A team was comprised of Dominique Tobbel, Franceso Rolli, Alessandro Hamada, Matthew Rossanese, Danny Hutchinson and Scott Rakowski. Their first match was against Washington Judo’s A team.

    On the Washignton A team were Maiko Hatano and Yasutaka Okawa who was featured in the Discovery Channel’s Human Weapon show on Judo.

    Maiko placed second in her division at the US Open in September, losing first place to a player from England, and Yasutaka placed first in the plus 100 kg division.

    The first match out was Dominque, who is also from England, against Maiko. After Dominique scored on her we were hoping for a repeat of the U.S Open.

    When the smoke cleared, we were 1-5 against the Washington team with Francesco winning his match.

    To garner 2nd place, the A team took revenge against the five man Naval Academy team with 4 ippons and one forfeit.

    Our B Team had Will Dampier, Sarah Block, Steve Miralles, Drew Hodgens, John Kang and Steve Miketa. They had to fight against the very difficult and seasoned Washington Club’s B Team. They did well finishing the contest at 2 team wins and 2 team losses for third place.

    October 6, 2008

    Annapolis Team

    MLJ Updates

    Lots of good news.. Jeffersonville’s move to new digs in Phoenixville and Gareth’s well deserved promotion to Shodan and, of course, the news of our new web site! Here it is, and it will require, early on in this work-in-progress, lots of tweaking and feedback from our club members. It is designed so that we can communicate better as Main Line Judo expands its locations and initiatives, which include clubs at several local colleges and a program geared to meet the needs of autistic children in our area. There is lots to talk about and lots to share with everyone as the Fall approaches, but the news of our new web site is, for the moment, its own still point.

    August 27, 2008

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