About Tom Blair and Joe Chiu

At Main Line Judo, we have a tag line of Judo, A Sport You Can Fall. It was 55 years ago at 13 years of age that moving on from sports such as baseball, football and tennis I started my life long discovery of just how great an art and sport that Judo is.
First, at the home studio of Mrs Foos on Montgomery Ave in Bryn Mawr where several classes a week of Judo also required a weekly class of ballet, and then onto a dojo in Philadelphia run by a living legend in Judo, Sensei Takahiko Ishikawa. A five time All Japan medalist, and the then youngest Kodokan 8th dan Sensei Ishikawa’s legacy of excellence inspired anyone who studied Judo with him.

At MLJ we also say Judo is Intelligence in Action because as an art and sport it requres constant tactical thinking coordinated with a kinesological awareness of full body movement .
Being the beneficiary of such world class instruction our over thirty years as a dojo on the Main Line has sought to pay forward what Mrs Foos and Sensei Ishikawa shared so well and so willingly. And we have been fortunate to attract many skilled judokas who share our passion. Joe Chiu, a 4th dan with international competitions under his belt, is a teaching mainstay at MLJ.

Main Line Judo takes a small measure of pride that we have followed their lead by being as effective at producing competitors as we are bringing to the everyday life of so many residents of the Main Line a haven of wonderful exercise, a great sport and self defense, all with an amazing camaderie for all our members.

“Senseis’ Tom and Joe have in-depth knowledge of Judo, and more importantly, they’re all exceptionally skilled teachers. Main Line Judo has been amazing for our two girls. We chose Judo because it is highly recommended especially for women. The classes are very empowering and the teachers take a sincere interest in their students and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. As a mom, it gives me peace of mind.”

Kathlyn L

“MLJ is a great place for women, men and children of all ages, skill levels and aspirations. The friendly and supportive atmosphere that Tom has created also features a superb level of instruction, very much on par with the quality of teaching I experienced at my former dojo in Tokyo. Judo is a wonderful way to add a new dimension to anyone’s exercise program.”

Jorge A. Leon

“Training with Sensei Tom since my youth has had a great impact on my personal and athletic growth. Sensei Tom is an outstanding technician and truly embodies the principles of Judo. Whether trying to get in shape or become a competitive athlete, Main Line Judo creates an environment that allows every level judoka to benefit. I can not recommend Main Line Judo enough to anyone interested in trying out a new hobby or trying to take their Judo to the next level with Tom and Joe”

Jenna Anderson

“As a federal agent, mental and physical preparedness are critically important to my work. My time at Main Line Judo has translated into a real-world advantage for me. No other aspect of my training regimen has done as much for my mind and body as Judo has.”


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